Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Treasure box full of fun things!

One day, my dearest auntie Sylvia gave me this ‘treasure box’. It filled with my favorite things: pressed powder, blush powder, lipstick, lipgloss, many colors of eye-shadow, eye-liner pencil, eyebrow pencil, lip pencil, mascara, shimmer powder, brushes....you named it! Yes....., it’s a box of cosmetics toolkit!

Since my auntie knows that I luv make-up and likes to experiment with it, she gave me this cosmetic-box. The box itself was made from a leather, came in maroon color and it looks like a mini suitcase. Very convenience to bring along. Although there’s no brand in it since it’s a mass-product exclusively made for Sogo Dept. Store (which where it bought by my auntie), I know it was a high quality product.

Luv luv luv it.....
Thank you very much, auntie Sylvia!

2 komentar:

  1. Wow you are so lucky ! Congrats for getting that cosmetic-box :)