Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Lolicon Days

As I want to be a smart fashionista on a reasonable budget, I’m very happy when I’ve found this gothic-lolita skirt in a flea-market. It’s one of kinda rare item I’ve ever seen....and moreover, it’s the cheapest skirt I’ve ever bought! Only in IDR 20.000!! Although cheap, but it’s very unique and still in good condition. I feel so lucky to have founded this unique skirt.

Red tartan top: Schon
Gothic-lolita skirt: buy in flea market
yellow skinny belt: ITC MangDu
ribbon headband: Stroberi
yellow vintage bag: Belle
black ankle-heel shoes: custom order, buy in online shop
black rose pearl necklace: DIY by my Mom (alm.)

My (R.I.P) Mom was a creative person who's loves fashion too.

I think, maybe (definetely) I've got my passion for fashion' genes from her.

She gave me this beautiful flower pearl necklace, made by herself.

Anyway, I still have many stuffs from her which stocked in my closet.

4 komentar:

  1. kereeeeeeeeen...
    wah,,gak nyangka rok itu harganya cuma 20.000 rupiah aja....

  2. love that skirt! i love thrifting too hihihih it's so fun when we got cute item in such cheap price yeah?

  3. Love this cute outfit. The skirt is awesome!