Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Announcement: Winners of Pink Pecan Giveaway

Here are the transparency procession of Pink Pecan Giveaway’s winners:

1. First, I wrote the qualified contestant’s names on some post-it notes.

2. Then, rolled it up! The adhesive behind note-paper also make it easier to rolled.

3. I put all of ‘em in a paper cup, and give a lil' shakie-shakie. Next, I took it up by not looking at it (I was watching TV while I’m doing this, hee hee).

4. Since there are 2 winners, I took 2 paper-rolls, one by one.

5. The first winner who’s got the 1st prize (The Girlie t-shirt) is: Anesa a ka Piet Puu.

6. The second winner who’s got the 2nd prize (The Juicy t-shirt) is: Nabila Irdha.

Congrats for the winners!
(I will contact your e-mail, so check it up)

And many many thanks for all whose participated in this giveaway and be my follower.
Don’t be sad, because our friendship is the most important prize that will be everlasting forever. I will bring another giveaway-contest for all of you next time :)

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Closing of My Giveaway Contest & Weekend's List

My Giveaway Contest has closed on March 20th 2010 ago.
Since it was Saturday (weekend), I will collect all of
contestant's data today; on March 22nd 2010.
I wish you all for gud luck! :)
The winners will be announce here in 2 days later.

Oh, BTW...on last day, I've spend my weekend holiday in searching for some

materials for my project and ended by watching Hachiko (again, this time in theater).

Mocona's face tshirt: buy in Shibuya's Mandarake
lace short: DR BloopEndorse
white keds shoe: Gosh
white cap: Takashimaya
slingbag: Miss Selfridge
various bangles: Naughty
watch: Guess

Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Brightspot Market @ Pacific Place, March 13th 2010

Went to Brightspot Market @ Pacific Place, March 13th 2010.
Go sightseeing and saw many fashionbale people gathering around.

and......have "oishii" dine in Rakuzen

fresh soba salad and tamago

iro-iro na kushiyaki and dragon roll
(oh...that's my hand over there!)

california roll and grilled mayo salmon sushi

on my plate

BTW, on my outfit:
tiger shirt: Ed Hardy's by Metrox
denim pants: Warehouse
ripped legging: DIYed by me
black semi ankle shoes: vintage
various bangles: Forever 21, Gaudi, LoPoly

Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Sour Sally Shawl...it's too damn cute!

Did you know that Sour Sally Fro-Yo also made fabric and apparels starting now? Well....one of my friend told me that, since her friend actually was the designer for their apparel products. And yes, it is. As for starter, Sour Sally made doll, shawl, cards and t-shirt. I’m instantly fall in love with their shawl. It’s uberly cuuuute.....looks like Sally’s B/W long socks, complete with her shoes on each side and made from soft cotton material!

Definetely must buy, since it’s a limited edition’s products! Also, if you buy it, you’ll get it’s coverbox and a cute paperbag too (with big black ribbon on it). I’ve bought one too!! ^ ^

Into The Edge

grey ripped onepiece: BloopEndorse
blue stocking: N.y.L.a
studded black platform shoes: Charles & Keith – DIYed by me
furry long necklace: Up to Date
silver heart chain necklace: LoPoly
denim studded bangle: Gaudi
studded bangle: buy in Melawai
silver n blue pearl necklace (used as bracelet and headband): DIY by my Mom (alm.)
silver sequin bangle (on the other hand): Naughty

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Treasure box full of fun things!

One day, my dearest auntie Sylvia gave me this ‘treasure box’. It filled with my favorite things: pressed powder, blush powder, lipstick, lipgloss, many colors of eye-shadow, eye-liner pencil, eyebrow pencil, lip pencil, mascara, shimmer powder, brushes....you named it! Yes....., it’s a box of cosmetics toolkit!

Since my auntie knows that I luv make-up and likes to experiment with it, she gave me this cosmetic-box. The box itself was made from a leather, came in maroon color and it looks like a mini suitcase. Very convenience to bring along. Although there’s no brand in it since it’s a mass-product exclusively made for Sogo Dept. Store (which where it bought by my auntie), I know it was a high quality product.

Luv luv luv it.....
Thank you very much, auntie Sylvia!

Beauty's Cheshire Cat Giveaway

I was joined in other Giveaway Contest in Beauty & The Blog.

The lovely people that work at Galibardy have been kind enough to donate a piece of jewellery for Beauty to give away to you lovely lot. So, I'm also the one who's desperately want this ring.
Its a solid brass Cheshire cat.Very fitting with the new Alice movie coming out.

But since it's a Giveaway, you could have a chance to win this too. All you have to do is just follow the link that I gave in uphere.

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Forever Young

Got this “ribbon in monochrome” dress from Francesca Line. Ribbon always works for me (try it for you too!). It will made your looks totally younger and adorable!

ribbon dress: Francesca Line
pink shiny shawl: Zara
grey furball shawl: buy in HK (come in one-set with another dress)
pink stocking: Missy 7
ripped black legging: vintage, DIYed by me
various Bracelet: Forever 21 & LoPoly
black bangle: Stroberi
bow hairpin: Stroberi
silver round hairband: Naughty
grey mary-jane wedges: For The Love of Shoes

luv triple ribbons arranging in my dress.
Looks cuter with my furball shawl.

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

My “For eye-candy only” Arts

Hee hee...here are my doodle-arts again. Just FYI, in 1996 I’ve ever won the drawing competition for designing highschool’s uniform in a local teenage tabloid. I think I still keep the articles, but since it’s been a long time, I don’t have time to search it in my house’s storeroom.

And I’ve ever told that actually, sometimes I’ve made illustration for male fashion design too. Just for fun, nothing seriously (although I want, but I can’t because I don’t know for whom and where I would like to do the work for). So, just take a peep for some of my creations here.....:)

For Michelle K.
Also, just for my pleasure, I’ve made illustration of Michelle from Glister Blister. Lately, I found myself that I’m enjoying drawing for inspirative fashion-blogger. The first fashion-blogger who I’ve ever drawed was Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate & Mint. Now it’s time for Michelle. I think I will decide this as my new hobby; making illustration of local inspirative fashon-blogger....hee hee hee.

About pic of Michelle that I’ve made here, I took inspiration from her pose in B’Girl Magazine Februari edition (scanned pic attach). I’m sorry if it doesn’t look as similar as the real Michelle is. I know I still have to learn and learn from the pro.

Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Lolicon Days

As I want to be a smart fashionista on a reasonable budget, I’m very happy when I’ve found this gothic-lolita skirt in a flea-market. It’s one of kinda rare item I’ve ever seen....and moreover, it’s the cheapest skirt I’ve ever bought! Only in IDR 20.000!! Although cheap, but it’s very unique and still in good condition. I feel so lucky to have founded this unique skirt.

Red tartan top: Schon
Gothic-lolita skirt: buy in flea market
yellow skinny belt: ITC MangDu
ribbon headband: Stroberi
yellow vintage bag: Belle
black ankle-heel shoes: custom order, buy in online shop
black rose pearl necklace: DIY by my Mom (alm.)

My (R.I.P) Mom was a creative person who's loves fashion too.

I think, maybe (definetely) I've got my passion for fashion' genes from her.

She gave me this beautiful flower pearl necklace, made by herself.

Anyway, I still have many stuffs from her which stocked in my closet.