Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Sour Sally's too damn cute!

Did you know that Sour Sally Fro-Yo also made fabric and apparels starting now? of my friend told me that, since her friend actually was the designer for their apparel products. And yes, it is. As for starter, Sour Sally made doll, shawl, cards and t-shirt. I’m instantly fall in love with their shawl. It’s uberly cuuuute.....looks like Sally’s B/W long socks, complete with her shoes on each side and made from soft cotton material!

Definetely must buy, since it’s a limited edition’s products! Also, if you buy it, you’ll get it’s coverbox and a cute paperbag too (with big black ribbon on it). I’ve bought one too!! ^ ^

2 komentar:

  1. they are cute! I think I have to get the doll one for me :D

  2. Hi, I'm sorry but can you make your letter front a bit bigger? It's kinda too small and a little not comfortable to read... I love you post, this is so cute =D