Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

On last long weekend’s holiday (in Indonesia), I went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) to looking around for Cap Go Meh celebration. Surprisingly, I found this replica miniature of Candi Borobudur beside the central lake. It’s so beautiful, even it’s not the real one like in Central Java. BTW, the last moment I had ever went to the real Borobudur was when I was around 15 years old. So, it’s been a looooooooooooooong time ago, he he he.....

Check my casual n relax outfit:
Doraemon t-shirt: souvenir bought from my friend in Tokyo’s Comic Market
dark blue knit cardigan: Esprit
red skinny jeans: Pepe Jeans
white fedora hat: Forever 21
brown bag: giveaway from Etude Korea
flat shoes: Crocs

And on the last day of holiday, I went to Central Park for meet my friends in “Concept’s 1001 Culture Competition” even.

On me:
floral sharp shoulder shirt: Mannequin

ripped legging: vintage, DIYed by me

grey Mary-Jane’s wedges: For The Love Of The Shoes - Debenhams

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