Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Daylight Hangout

Me in Setiabudi Area-Kuningan, Jakarta.

On this pic:
Star long shirt: Panelli
Long vest: Monaco
Pink stocking: Missy 7
Snake-skin big bag: buy in HK's avenue
Semi ankle-boots: vintage from my closet

One Shot Before

This pic was taken before I'll go to my friend's party (around January 2009).
Sorry for the lack of resolution here and it's a bit blurry. Actually, I was in hurry when I took this pic from my camera ^^;;;

On this pic:
Ruffle vest: Mango
Frill onepiece dress: Mango
Silver double buckles belt: Zara
Rattan bag: buy in Jogjakarta

Go Green For Money!!

Green blouse: Orange

Black jumper dress:
Armani Xchange

Green bag: NEXT

Beads necklace:
made by my mom

Neon green legging:
vintage from my closet

Hairclip: Strawberry

From Tokyo With Love

Long stripe dress: Gaudi
Pearl necklace: Shanghai Tang
Grey barret-hat: Debenhams
Handbag: Billabong
Watch: Guess
Pink stocking: Missy 7
Big brown belt for sale!!
Kalau berminat silakan kontak di e-mail: domonkun_go@yahoo.com

Windy Season a la Mode

Knit long sleeves top: Mango

Big brown belt: Gaudi

Wool-denim slingbag: Samuel & Kevin

Brown long pants: The Executive

Beanie hat: Cult by City Surf

Rockin' Chic

Black n red stripe top w/ fishnet:Mango

Black crop cardigan:Armani Xchange

Messy denim-skirt:Body and Soul

Silver skull necklace:ITC MangDu

Red stocking:N.y.l.a

Skull headband: Glitter

Casual mod

White t-shirt: Gaudi
Suspender: TRF by Zara
Denim waist-mini skirt: vintage from mom's closet
Bangles: Naughty
Leaf necklace: Dorothy Perkins
White cap: buy in Takashimaya, Singapore
Handbag: D & G

Animal print on raaawrh

Animal print long-
blouse: vintage from
mom's closet

Purple skinny belt:

Bangles: Naughty +
ITC Mangga Dua

Silver victorian choker:
Forever 21

Doctor's bag: Mango

Purple legging: N.y.l.a

seriously playfull

Black cardigan: Glitz
B/W stripe turtleneck: for sale
Pink miniskirt: TRF by Zara
Chandelier necklace: Ari Thalia
Fleur lace tights: from online shopping
Black barret-hat: D & G
Handbag: D & G
Red handbag for sale!!!
Kalau naksir, silakan kontak gw di e-mail: domonkun_go@yahoo.com

Playing in polka

Yellow cardigan: Glitter boutique
Red stripe poloshirt: Glitter boutique
Red polkadot dress: Up To Date boutique
Red bag: Sophie
Polkadot headband: Naughty

Work hard

White blouse: Avenue
Boho vest: Orange
Red big belt: Orange
Black pencil skirt: Red Herring-Debenhams
Bangles: buyed in Bali
Watch: Guess
Handbag: D & G

Playing in Pink

Pink asimetric sabrina:
Pink sling bag:
catch in Tian Yi Market,
Bow belt: ITC MangDu
Vintage purple dress:
from my mom's closet
Headband: Naughty

Hang out to the mall

Blue jumper dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Mphosis
Bangles: Forever 21
Fleur tight lace: online shop
Tote bag: freegift from GG

Lacey Loves

I love this long top from brand Miss Selfridge. Love the
ruffles and the lace around
my chest and shoulder.
It gaves me something like
"casual-victorian" effect.

I usually wear it with legging
or a denim long pants. No need necklace neither
anymore, since it is full of
frills and laces.

Harajuku Lover

Harajuku street style always catchy in my heart. You need some courage and guts to wear this looks in front of the public. It's "freedom and break the limit" statement of the style makes everybody can wear anything that she/he wants.

This is my Harajuku style when I accompany my friends whose participated in cosplay even, in Japan-Indonesia Expo 2008. In this time, I'm trying to perform as a lolita rockin' kitty^^

And here, one of my friend noticed a big skull graph in the back of my clothes (good eyes of yours, Chi^^). So she'd take a candid picture from my back.

what I wear:
polkadot top: Kamiseta
pink stripe & skull long shirt: Uniqlo (buy in Shanghai)
skull belt: Faces
slingbag: Pichi Rabby (buy in Japan)
cat-ear headband: buy in Disneyland HK
studded belt: buy in Melawai
long socks: Gosh
black semi-ankle boots: vintage from my closet

Mia as Fashionista

Describe about my style:
Experimental, charismatic-playfull, girly, preppy, casual but also edgy sometimes

Favorite places to shop:

No where. I’m flexible, depend on my mood and my wallet condition. Sometimes, I’ll hunting in Topshop, Mango, Forever 21, Zara, Seibu, Guess, Pull and Bear or Kamiseta. Sometimes, I’ll go to ITC Mangga Dua, Orange, Nyla, Mineola and any other reachable boutiques. Also, I’d like to do online-shopping.

Fashion item I’d like to wear most often:
t-shirt, cardigan, vest, scarf, accessories

Fashion item that I can’t live without it:
Accessories, watch, bag, my make-up pouch

I’m addicted to:
Bag, t-shirt, shoes, accessories

Inside my daily bag:
HP, wallet, make-up pouch, body spray, tissue, I-pod, chewing gum, bottled-water

Most difficult fashion item to hunt:
Long pants, because my hip was wide while my waist was tight

Fashion item that I never wore:
Tanktop/ camisole without outer top, hipster pants, over-loose jacket, baggy and harem pants

Favorite designer:
Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Chloe, Frida Giannini, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana (D&G)

My style influence icon:
Audrey Hepburn, Gwen Stefani, Leighton Meester, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Hudson, Kety Perry, Agyness Deyn and MY SELF

My fashion quote:
*Being stylish, doesn’t means that you must spend lots of money for fashion item. A smart fashionista can sense an item with high quality and looks expensive, but has achievable price.

*I'd rather set the trends than follow them.

*Just wear what I like, depend on my mood.

About my blog here

About this blog of mine:

It was my old dream from a long long times ago. At least, I’ve created this blog after along time journey with tears and bloody sweat (*LOL^^). You see, since I’m a daily-worker (as an employee, also as a teacher in some schools and as a freelance manga-translator...*pheew*), often I don’t have many free time to spend. Although I want to create my own-special-fashion-blog, it was hard for me to realize this dream. So, since at least I could did it, I feel soooo......happy and relieved (yaaay!! Gimme’ applause please...plok plok plok!!).

My mission when I created this blog was for myself. The reason is: I have soooo many clothes and fashon items, but I always wear the same stuff; again...and again in my daily-life. I feel stuck with my ideas about mix and match. Everytime after I shopped, I feel guilty at the last moment since I realize that I don’t really need that new clothes or bag. Therefore, I think I want to create my own fashion-blog. It will be like a catalogue for me; so I can do mix-match from my closet and not buying fashion-items anymore every month. I don’t get money easily. I’m working hard to get it by myself. So, although I love to shop, I must spend it wisely! That’s why, this blog can be my personal guide to wear

Lil’ by lil’, I’m collecting my photos. I took a picture before I’m going to the mall and when I gathered around with my friends. Even before I go to work, I took a special moment for taking picture. Usually, I took it by myself in my room, except if I meet a friend in a middle of the crowd. Still, there aren’t many pics here. But I think it’s enough for soft-launching this blog. Of course later, I will put every new pics again and again. Lately, I think I can get some money too from here, by selling my second-hand items. If you noticed special tag on the item’s pic, it means that item was on sale!! You can contact me here to negotiating about the price and procedure. But notice too: I’m sorry, I can’t handle online-shopping procedure across the country (that means outside of Indonesia area). Forgive me and please understand, since I’m doing this alone and I’m bounded by my daily routinity.

Well, feel free to browse my blog. It’s all about my fashion and my style, so I don’t hesitate to share it with you all. Hopefully, this can bring you ideas and inspiration to play with your fashion collection too. Remember that being fashionable means you’re smart, brave and full of fun!