Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Vote me please :)

Hi guyz n frens....

I've just signing up to be voting for Kompetisi Meraih Mimpi.

Please support and vote me yach ^ ^

Here's the link and notice me: Mia A. Hyoosuke.

Thanks and warm hug for you all.

vote for me.....yaaaaaayy!!

4 komentar:

  1. thanks for joining ya.. aduh kenapa ya? cobain sekali lagi say.. trus si (") nya ketik ulang. hehe..
    anyway goodluck for the competition ya.. buat vote harus login dulu ya?

  2. you're so cute !
    ohh and koiki is at plaza indonesia B1 :D

    thanks for your comment !

  3. @ devishanty: you're welcome, dear.
    Sepertinya nggak harus login dulu untuk vote koq. Coba klik di segmen "Meraih Mimpi", find me, n just hit the "Vote" button.

    @ Michelle: thankyou, dear. You're also pretty, I can see that :)
    And thanks for inform me about Koiki. Wanna go there too since I luv Japanese food too ^ ^

  4. uh oh..., I just go back to IM3 Meraih Mimpi and yes....ternyata untuk bisa vote harus login dulu.

    Sorry for this mis-information, guyz.
    Please login first and vote me yah!