Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

3D View Master

An old, phenomenon toy in 1970 – 1980’s era. This is one of my hidden treasure! I was veeeerrrry surprise when I’ve found this vintage toy of mine, burried between the other junks in our storeroom. After I cleaned it; double surprise, it’s still working! Attach the movie-plate inside this vintage gadget ‘till you hear a ‘click’ sound, then let the fun begin! Watch the 3D picture inside, and everytime you want to change into the next pic, just grab the lever on it’s side.

This vintage toy was very rare nowadays. If there is...the price must be expensive! So, this one definetely must be put in to my antique collection and I’ll never wasted it anymore.

Moreover, look...! Even the gift-pact box has broken, because of long time periode.

2 komentar:

  1. what's that??
    never have such as that toys then. XD
    and, oh,
    i am visiting while saying happy belated valentine! XD

  2. @ dela: because this is a rare antique toy. So you'll almost never found it in nowadays toyshop; especially around Jakarta :D

    Thank you and happy belated valentine too.