Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

My Reborn Studded Shoes!! whiiiii~......

Yo all folks ! ^ ^
I'm glad to present you now......my DIY creation!

Remember my old Charles & Keith' black high-heels? I'm getting bored with this shoes, although it's still in good conditon. So, after searching for this season's trend, I did this DIY project last weekend.

With some reels of studded stones (only IDR 25.000/m - in Pasar Mayestik), glue and a creative mind, I've made it as a brand new studded stone shoe.....kachiing!!! XD How about it?

I'm so proud with my new creation. Can't stand to wear it ASAP......:)

3 komentar:

  1. waaa..great idea. now your shoes looks more gorgeous

  2. i like it! u dont even have to buy a new studded shoe :)