Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Giveaway from Pink Pecan

It’s almost one year since I’ve opened an account in blogspot and my blog now has reached 2000 visitors since there. So......I will celebrate this by sharing my first giveaway....YAAAYY!!

Not only one, but there are two giveaways to share for. Here they are. Two pieces of retropop t-shirt, made from comfortable material; steady to makes your looks more juicy and energetic. I will give ‘em by lottery-system for two lucky winners; each person will get one piece (randomly). Each winner will get one shirt for free (you don’t have to pay for anything; even not for it’s delivery-fee).

To participate for this giveaway, just simply take this rules:

1. Be my follower in here: http://miahyoosuke.blogspot.com/ (hit the “Follow” button).

2. After that, tell me that you’ve already done it by put your comments here and write: JOIN. Don’t forget to put you e-mail too, so I can contact you if you win.

3. Tell about this giveaway contest or link this post on your blog (I will check it after I saw your claim that you’re join this contest).

4. Sorry, only for Indonesian bloggers. If you’re stay abroad, so sorry. I’ll just send you a ‘heart’ by message as thank-you notes for following my blog.

5. Just that simple!

** Disqualified: If you put comment that you’ve joined but I don’t find you in my follower box, or you didn’t tell about this giveaway contest in your blog; you will automatically disqualified from this contest. It’s a fair game contest, okay?

This giveaway contest will close on: March 20th, 2010.

Try your luck, loves!! Ganbatte!! ^.^

11 komentar:

  1. cute blog! wow, tar aku coba join yah, later on, aku belum sempet post2 baru lagi, cuma blogwalking doang, hihih. :)


  2. mia chan , im JOIN !! :D
    my email : nabilanimeaddict@yahoo.com
    thank youu :)

  3. JOIN


    wow,,,lovely giveaway...
    thank you...

  4. @ nabila: Ok, dear. Tapi posting dulu tentang giveaway ini di blog kamu atau taruh link-nya di blog kamu ya^ ^ (check point #3).
    Thanks, sweetie.

  5. hei lovely blog.. i love your sketch..
    and i like the sketch of diana rikasari..:)

    visit+comment+follow my blog if you want :D



  6. Hi mia...
    I have join now..

    and get ur link at my blog
    I'll try about give away
    thank's about info ^^

  7. hii nice blog :)
    I'm Join!!!
    email : BokuraGaIta19@gmail.com

  8. Nice blog!!Love it!

    I'm JOIN!~
    Email: BokuraGaIta19@gmail.com
    Thanks :):)

  9. helo again..
    congratz on your >2000 visitors.. almost doubled by now.. ;)
    cute tees..!!
    I'll JOIN
    I'm a follower
    and blog about this giveaway here

  10. Haloow,

    T-Shirtnya lucu :D Mudah-mudahan gw menang XD

    I've followed you, dan mengenai giveawaynya bisa dilihat di


    e-mail : pangeranpencuri@gmail.com :D