Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

My Arts

These are some of my spoiler-arts in fashion world. I dunno why....., but often in my design-creations, I always put many ruffles, ribbon, pleats and frills. I realized that I like it, since in many times I’ve got my inspiration from lolita and Rococo-fashionstyle (although in my dailywear, my style was casual, edgy or just simply girlie – but not lolita). But sometimes, I draw an edgy style inspiration like this one.

Usually, I’m drawing just for fun or when I have spare time between my jobs.

Actually, I also likes to draw design for men’s style. Maybe someday, I will put my pics on men’s fashion style in this blog too.

And.....this is my illustration award for Diana Rikasari, my #1 inspirative blogger :)

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  1. Miaaaa!

    You are suuuuuuper talented! You must look into fashion illustration seriously!

  2. aweee that's such cute illustrations !
    love em much !

    many thanks for the sweet comments .
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  3. hey mia chan , i love your illustrations !! :D

  4. fall in love with your illustrations..they're great!!! <3

  5. luvly pic...
    u're so talented..