Rabu, 09 Juni 2010


First thing when I've back from Korea, I've try to change my old template because I was boring with it. But what a' suck....the new template makes my widget such as: My blog's label, My follower, My List of online shop, My pics etc...were dissapeared!! TT_TT

I'm getting frustated, panic and really dissapointed! I think this is some mistake I've made since I just wanna get a new fresh template....and it's totally a wrong idea!!! Somebody please help me get my old template back, with it's widget tools. Blogger.com says,"....We're still have a copy from your old template (Kami masih menyimpan setelan copy dari template lama Anda)" but I can't found where is it... TT_TT hiks.....!

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  1. welcome back from Korea!
    did you back up the old template?
    the thing is, when you change the template, the widget will follow the template.
    as far as I know, there's not much you can do.. unless you have back up and restore it.
    so, klo kamu tipenya pembosan kaya aku, pilih template yg simpel dan gampang digonta-ganti banner&warnanya.. jd begitu udah bosen cukup ganti banner & warna keseluruhan tampilan blog jd beda.
    I'm sorry I can't do much help, since I haven't change my template for quite some time, so I don't know if Blogger has new feature in changing template..

  2. Thanks for your respond, Dsy.
    I think I've been back-up the old template. But I can't found where is it. Bisa kasihtau di mana posisi back-up nya?

    Terus, kenapa ya sejak itu setiap kali aku hit customize button, tampilan edit navigasinya jadi nggak muncul. Selalu munculnya: upgrade your new template.

    Tadinya udah mau tidur krn masih jet-lag, tapi gara-gara problem begini, daritadi jadi ngutak-ngatik semua link di blogger ini deh T.T