Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Goodies I've got and bought from Korea

A silver spoon n chopstick set from our tour sponsorship: Arirang

Some clothes and apparrels

Limited Ed. Anime Shirt designed by Ut for Uniqlo.
from Neon Genesis Evangelion series

a nice comfy chiffon vintage dress


a pair of wigs

a box of chocolate

some traditional souvenirs and folder for my relatives

fun stuffs from Everland

a spread bromide poster from Sex And The City 2
(got it when watched the movie from Seoul's Theater)

a spread bromide poster from Prince Of Persia
(got it when watched the movie from Seoul's Theater)

other cosmetics

A4 plastic folder, gimmick from Holika Holika

some gimmicks from Skin Food cosmetic

a range body bath set from Skin Food cosmetic

Skin Food cosmetics

Holika Holika cosmetics

some gimmicks from Etude House cosmetics

Etude House cosmetics

2 komentar:

  1. ouw wow...soooo envy u now...would love to go to korea...well someday i will...&when that time comes please do give me some pointer on where &what should i do there...looked like u had soooo much fun...


  2. You've really been shopping ... how super fun!