Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Harajuku Lover

Harajuku street style always catchy in my heart. You need some courage and guts to wear this looks in front of the public. It's "freedom and break the limit" statement of the style makes everybody can wear anything that she/he wants.

This is my Harajuku style when I accompany my friends whose participated in cosplay even, in Japan-Indonesia Expo 2008. In this time, I'm trying to perform as a lolita rockin' kitty^^

And here, one of my friend noticed a big skull graph in the back of my clothes (good eyes of yours, Chi^^). So she'd take a candid picture from my back.

what I wear:
polkadot top: Kamiseta
pink stripe & skull long shirt: Uniqlo (buy in Shanghai)
skull belt: Faces
slingbag: Pichi Rabby (buy in Japan)
cat-ear headband: buy in Disneyland HK
studded belt: buy in Melawai
long socks: Gosh
black semi-ankle boots: vintage from my closet

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