Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

About my blog here

About this blog of mine:

It was my old dream from a long long times ago. At least, I’ve created this blog after along time journey with tears and bloody sweat (*LOL^^). You see, since I’m a daily-worker (as an employee, also as a teacher in some schools and as a freelance manga-translator...*pheew*), often I don’t have many free time to spend. Although I want to create my own-special-fashion-blog, it was hard for me to realize this dream. So, since at least I could did it, I feel soooo......happy and relieved (yaaay!! Gimme’ applause please...plok plok plok!!).

My mission when I created this blog was for myself. The reason is: I have soooo many clothes and fashon items, but I always wear the same stuff; again...and again in my daily-life. I feel stuck with my ideas about mix and match. Everytime after I shopped, I feel guilty at the last moment since I realize that I don’t really need that new clothes or bag. Therefore, I think I want to create my own fashion-blog. It will be like a catalogue for me; so I can do mix-match from my closet and not buying fashion-items anymore every month. I don’t get money easily. I’m working hard to get it by myself. So, although I love to shop, I must spend it wisely! That’s why, this blog can be my personal guide to wear

Lil’ by lil’, I’m collecting my photos. I took a picture before I’m going to the mall and when I gathered around with my friends. Even before I go to work, I took a special moment for taking picture. Usually, I took it by myself in my room, except if I meet a friend in a middle of the crowd. Still, there aren’t many pics here. But I think it’s enough for soft-launching this blog. Of course later, I will put every new pics again and again. Lately, I think I can get some money too from here, by selling my second-hand items. If you noticed special tag on the item’s pic, it means that item was on sale!! You can contact me here to negotiating about the price and procedure. But notice too: I’m sorry, I can’t handle online-shopping procedure across the country (that means outside of Indonesia area). Forgive me and please understand, since I’m doing this alone and I’m bounded by my daily routinity.

Well, feel free to browse my blog. It’s all about my fashion and my style, so I don’t hesitate to share it with you all. Hopefully, this can bring you ideas and inspiration to play with your fashion collection too. Remember that being fashionable means you’re smart, brave and full of fun!

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