Jumat, 09 April 2010


My hair getting long and longer, and I don’t like it (hee hee....). I think it’s time to cut my hair. Many men says that they like to see woman in long hair. But actually, it doesn’t makes me comfortable. Once, I’ve ever let my hair growing ‘till it reach my back. But my appearance looks messy, older and I’ve lost my neck!! (since my neck is short ^^;) In addition, I looks like a grunge-female lion....gyaaaahh!! So, I never let my hair growing more than my shoulder anymore.

I don’t care whether my man said that he likes to see woman in long hair. Well...it’s me and this is my body! Accept it or leave it, that’s it! I know what suits me and what is not. Not every women looks great in long hair (well......Sadako or Kuntilanak; for example...hee hee....). No hurt feelings for you who has long hair. Like I’ve said it before, it just doesn’t suits me (and for some girls who has the same problem like me too); but not you ^_^
OK, now here it is:

On Me:
pink salem shirt with chain: Uniqlo
black layered skirt: Topshop
turquoise shawl: giveaway from Sister magz
turquoise ribbon clip: Forever 21
studded wedges: Gosh
turquoise socks: Sox Gallery
pink mini-clutch: The Little Thing She Needs
various rings: Lovely Sugar, Naughty, Fungus Amongus

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