Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

What to do when you have nothing to do on holiday?

Be a mall hopper! ^^

Yesterday, I was going to Plaza Indonesia without any plan to do. Just wanna hang around, enjoying my “me time”. Started with having lunch in Sushi Nobu ( which I miss their curry chicken katsu rice), then off for the dessert in Ministry Of Food (MOF). Can’t resist their yummy mango gelato. After that, it’s a hunting time for Sale through the mall: EX, Plaza Indonesia, also Grand Indonesia. Yeaaa...!! Three malls in once near the neighbourhood! In this end of the year-holiday season, there’s a bunch of Sale in many boutiques and stores. Found myself got stucked while playing around in Mango, Zara, Fiorucci, Muji, Forever 21, Topshop,Gap, Dorothy Perkins, Nyla, Gaudi, Pull and Bear. Then, enlighten myself in Kopi Luwak, while it’s raining hard outside. Watch the traffic jam out there from this empty seat near the wide window, make notes and feel a lil’ bit sleepy (even there’s a caramel moccha latte in my cup). So I’ve decided to go to Kinokuniya after 30 minutes later, to wake me up. Found a lil’ excitement between the book-shelves (which I can’t show it here, bcoz it’s for my personal collection...hee hee). At 6:30 PM, when the rain stopped and the sky became darker, I go home. Maybe there’s no many people whose could enjoy a lonely-time like this. But for me, this is the way to love myself, enjoying life and get the stress out of my head. I love this “ me time” preciously!

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